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Morecambe Playscheme at Heysham High School

Heysham Playscheme at St James Centre

Lancaster Playscheme at Out Ladys CC (Front Hall Entrance)

Ridge Playscheme at Ridge Community Centre

Giant Axe Playscheme at Scout Hut Giant Axe Lancaster


Open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm (Lancaster Playscheme 9:30am to 3:30pm) From 24th July until 18th August 2016. Also All Friday Trip days this year are 9:30am to 4pm except 18th August where we will be returning about 6pm.

All Playschemes are open to young people aged 8 to 11 in Lancaster, Heysham and Morecambe area. Young people must be within this age due the time of the playscheme and must have been in primary school in their last school year. Also if the young person is aged 8 after 26th August then no place can be given. As a guide the young person must have just been in the school years 3, 4, 5 or 6.

During the playschemes young people need to show respect to staff, to each other, the buildings and equipment that they use and give respect to themselves in order to keep their place on the playschemes. 

Activities include Art, Craft, Games, Sport, Music, Swimming and much much more. This year will see trips to Bowling, Zoo, Theme Park and Manchester Science and Industry Museum.

The cost of the playscheme is £2 per day plus additional £5 for Wednesday's transport and activities with also £10 each for Friday trips this year. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis and will not be confirmed until payment is made.  Remember your child will lose their place if payment is not received. After the payment deadline (7th July) there may be additional admin charge of £10 to process registration
Any queries please contact 01524 32020

Playscheme Online Registration Form

Please provide all the information on the form or it may cancel the registation.

Name of Child

Date of Birth of Child

Name of Parent/ Guardian

Contact Number

2nd Contact Number


Post Code

What is the gender of your child?


Which playscheme would you like your child to attend?

First Choice

Second Choice

Medical Conditions
Does the person suffer from any medical condition or allergy requiring treatment or medication whilst on playscheme?

What is your child swimming ability?

Please indicate how your child will leave the Playscheme to go home

Please provide details. For example who is going to pick them up

Any other relevant issues or information on your child we need to aware of?



Optional question ( To assist with monitoring purposes)

How would you describe your Child’s ethnic origin?



Please mark below the days you wish to book your child on

24th July
25th July
26th July

Transport and/or activities  (Happy Mount Park *RGO or Bowling/Cinema *HM) - Additional £5

27th July
28th July

Trip day
(MOSI  *RGO or Withy Park *HM) - Additional £10

31st July
1st August

Activity (Climbing and Swim at Salt ayre *O) 

2nd August

Transport and activities (Climbing and Swim at Salt Ayre *RG or Maize Maze, Lakeland *OHM) - Additional £5

3rd August

Transport and activities (Climbing and Swim at Salt ayre *H) 

4th August

Trip day - Additional £10 (Blackpool Zoo)

7th August
8th August
9th August

Transport and activities (Happy Mount Park *HM or Bowling/Cinema *RGO) - Additional £5

10th August

Transport and activities (Climbing and Swim at Salt ayre *M) 

11th August

Trip day
- (MOSI *HM or Withy Park *RGO) Additional £10

14th august
15th august
16th August

Transport and/or activities - Additional £5 (Beach Day)

17th August
18th August

Trip day - Additional £10 (Gullivers World)

* R= Ridge G= Giant Axe O= Our Ladys M= Morecambe H= Heysham  
Parental Declaration 
I acknowledge the need for respectful and responsible behaviour by my child.. 

At times photographs may be taken of club activities please provide in writing if you do not wish your child to have their picture taken. 

By submitting this registration and paying the due amount then you are giving consent for your child to be on the playscheme.


Parental Permission

By submitting this form you agree that your child can

  • Participate in organised activities at an approved venue.

  • Watch PG rated films

  • Have photos taken during participation in activities which may be used in reporting / publicity of the playscheme or future schemes

  • Be administered with first aid by a qualified first aider should the need arise.

  • Attend the trips as part of the playscheme as outlined in the programme.

Please inform us of any relevant issues or anything that your child is not allowed to do in the information box .


Please provide your email to allow us to confirm receipt of registration form, then to keep you informed of your child's place and send you payment details. If you do not have an email we will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements.



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